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Gain a new perspective on MIMOS and understand our continuing role and relevance in positioning Malaysia as a regional centre of excellence.

Research & Development

Read more about our purposeful R&D undertakings to support the local industry, create new markets and help Malaysia to emerge as an innovation-led economy.


Take a peek into FNSB, the commercial arm of MIMOS; and explore how you can be part of the most exciting stage of our work, where we take our technologies to market.


Core Focus Areas

Last Mile Solutions: Making benefits of connectivity more inclusive at grassroots by bridging the digital divide.

Enterprise Framework: A platform enhance connectivity, productivity and communications for greater development.

Fusion Sensors: Tapping the potential of technology for efficient environment sensing and management.

Quick Links

Technology Innovations

  • psychometrics


    Mi-MPAS (Malaysia Psychometrics Assessment System) is an online assessment...

  • Mi-iLMS


    Interactive Learning and Management Education is essential especially in...

  • Mi-SP


    Ensuring Safe and Secure Environments Safety and security are...

  • Mi-Tablet


    Multitouch Mobility Affordable and easy access to information is...

  • Mi-SaaS


    Software at Your Fingertips The rapid expansion of the...

  • Mi-Dashboard


    The world is converging and so are the information...



Commercial Applications

  • vads

    VADS Cloud Services

    To substantiate its expertise in offering Data Centre  and...

  • kampungwiwi

    Kampung WiFi

    The development of the WiWi AP technology and the...

  • idola-1-malaysia

    Komputer 1Malaysia

    iDOLA is not a me-too tablet PC.  It is...

  • jobs-malaysia


    “Information on the composition of skills and qualification in...

  • tutorilms

    Tutor iLMS

    The Intelligent Learning Management System (ILMS) Technology platform developed...

  • mara-psycho

    MARA Psychometrics

    A psychometric test is used to identify a student’s...