A strategic agency under
A strategic agency under MOSTI

  • Spearheading innovation

    Our endeavours are guided by the wise leadership of MOSTI; and our outcomes remain relevant to their mission,
    as well as the aspirations of the Government.

  • IoT services to enhance agriculture sector

    MyTrace system had integrated two of today’s biggest technology trends, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics (BDA), which could be game changers for agriculture in this country.

  • Driving the nation's competitiveness

    MIMOS has evolved and expanded beyond its initial purpose, from a small microelectronic research lab into becoming Malaysia's premier R&D centre in all domains of ICT.

  • Research that responds to real needs

    MIMOS foresees the potential of new technologies, and works on R&D areas that tie in with real issues.

  • Translating output into outcomes

    MIMOS' commercialisation programme enables domestic SMEs and start-ups to enjoy strong business models and opportunities to penetrate global market.


Core Focus Areas

Last Mile Solutions: Making benefits of connectivity more inclusive at grassroots by bridging the digital divide.

Enterprise Framework: A platform enhance connectivity, productivity and communications for greater development.

Fusion Sensors: Tapping the potential of technology for efficient environment sensing and management.

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